Abbreviation Worksheets

Abbreviations are the shortened versions of words, usually followed with a period. While formal writing may frown on the use of many abbreviations, many are acceptable, such as Mrs., U.S., and p.m. Acronyms are often considered abbreviations. The worksheets on this special word format may be used for free in the classroom or at home. View the details or download the printable PDF by clicking on the title.

Abbreviation – Days of the Week

Days can become shorter when you use an abbreviation!

Abbreviations – Months

This worksheet asks your student to write the abbreviated names of the month of the year.

Abbreviations and States

Now it’s time to turn the state abbreviation into the full name.

States and Abbreviations

In this worksheet, your student will write the abbreviations for the 50 US states.

Abbreviations and Names of People

Let’s work on some common abbreviations for people’s titles!

Abbreviations and Street Names

This worksheet addresses the abbreviation in addresses!

Abbreviations for Measurements

Can your student decipher these abbreviations for volume, height, and weight?

Measurement Abbreviations

Here’s a worksheet on writing the abbreviations for metric and customary measurements.