Irony Worksheets

Irony Worksheets

In our irony worksheets, you will learn that irony is a literary device that is all about opposites. These irony worksheets will tech students analytical skills to define irony where it's present. Thank you for using our irony worksheets!

Discuss the Verbal Irony

Time to discuss verbal irony in three situations!

Irony in Poetry

Two poetry passages from classic literature are the focus of this irony worksheet.

Situational Irony vs. Dramatic Irony

Your student will determine which passage shows situational irony and which shows dramatic irony.

Visual Irony

Can your student spot the visual irony in the pictures in this worksheet?

Warm Up to Irony!

Here is a worksheet to print out for your students learning about irony! irony is a statement where the actual meaning is different from the literal meaning or a situation where the result is different than expected. WIth different examples given, students are asked to explain the irony in different phrases as well as come up with examples of their own.

Irony in Prose: The Diamond Necklace

In this worksheet your student will discuss the irony in a passage from “The Diamond Necklace.”