Sentence Starters

Learning how to write sentences is an important first step for students as they learn to put words together to form complete thoughts. The sentence starters below are great for early elementary school students as they begin to understand how to write.

Sentence Starter Cards

This activity provides eight cards that students can use to write sentences on. Sentence starters include “I want to”, “They laughed about”, “She went” and more.

Sentence Starters: About Me

In this worksheet, students complete the sentences that start with words like “I like”, “I feel”, “I think” and more. Designed for Kindergarten and first grade.

Sentence Starters: My Opinion

This worksheet provides sentence starters to help write about opinions. Words provided include starters like, “I believe”, “We should” and more.

Sentence Starters: The Senses

Students write sentences using starter words like “I hear”, “My lunch tasted” and more. A great way to start learning how to write.

Sentence Starters: Things Around Us

In this sentence starter activity students finish sentences about things around us like pets, shoes, books and trees.