Black History Month Worksheets

Please use any of the printable worksheets about Black History Month in your classroom or at home. Just click on the worksheet title to view details about the PDF and print or download to your computer. All worksheets are free to print and to make multiple copies for your student or child.

Ride the Bus With Rosa Parks

Your youngster can join civil rights leader Rosa Parks on her historic bus ride in this fun maze puzzle.

Underground Railroad: On To Freedom

Students read facts about the Underground Railroad and color the picture below.

African American Inventors: Elijah McCoy

Comprehension is strengthend through practice. Here is a worksheet about Elijah McCoy for students to read and answer the questions.

African American Inventors: Granville T. Woods

Granville Woods died in 1910. He contributed much to the electrical world with his inventions, ideas, and devices. Students will read about his life and answer questions in this comprehension activity.

African American Inventors: Lewis Latimer

Students can learn about African American inventor Lewis Latimer with this worksheet. First, they will read an excerpt and then answer questions to test comprehension.

African American Inventors: Patricia Bath

Here is a reading activity for students to learn about Patricia Bath. Following the reading, students will answer a few questions to help comprehension.

Freedom Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle is full of words about freedom for Black History Month.

Song of Freedom: Go Down Moses

A wonderful freedom song, the song Go Down, Moses was sung by slaves in the U.S. south. In this activity, students read words to the song and answer related questions.

1850: My Letter to the Editor

Your student will write a persuasive argument about slavery in a letter to an 1850 newspaper.

Writing Prompt: Today’s Civil Rights Hero

In this writing prompt, students select someone they think is a civil rights hero living in modern times.

Booker T. Washington: Up From Slavery

This reading comprehension worksheet focuses on a passage from Booker T. Washington’s autobiography, “Up From Slavery.”

Her Story: Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth was born into slavery in New York around 1797, escaping to freedmom 1825. In this activity, students read the passage and answer related questions.

Reading Comprehension: Uncle Tom’s Cabin

In this activity, students read an excerpt from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and answer related questions.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin: George’s Speech

This reading comprehension worksheet on a passage from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is a great activity for Black History Month.