Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets

Print these civil rights and Martin Luther King Jr. worksheets to study and celebrate Martin Luther King Day, which is always observed on the third Monday of January. The worksheets below include a Martin Luther King Jr. biography questions, Rosa Parks biography questions, word searches, a personal narrative worksheet based on the famous “I have a Dream” speech, a glossary of non-violence, and more. All worksheets are free to print for classroom or home use.


Activity 1: Civil Rights Biography – King
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an influential voice in the civil rights movement. Read about his life, and then answer some thought-provoking questions.
Activity 2: Civil Rights Biography – Parks
Have you ever been so tired that you didn’t even want to move? Read about the life of Rosa Parks. She was so tired one day after working hard that she didn’t want to give up her seat on the bus.
Activity 3: Civil Rights Word Search
Who doesn’t enjoy a good puzzle? See if you can find the civil rights words that are hiding in this word search.
Activity 4: I Have a Dream…Personal Narrative
What’s your dream for the world? Write down your thoughts so you can share them with others.
Activity 5: Civil Rights Word Scramble
The ideas and people of the civil rights movement have been scrambled up! Sort out the letters to spell the words correctly. Then, unscramble the circle letters to spell the name of a leader.
Activity 6: Guess Who: Heroes of Civil Rights
How well do you know some of the heroes of the civil rights movement? Match them to the words they might have said.
Activity 7: MLK Complete the Speech
Some of the words to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I have a dream…” speech are missing. Complete the missing words and read the speech.
Activity 8: Glossary of Non-Violence
Ever wonder what some of those big words mean? Check out the glossary of non-violence so you can better understand the civil rights movement.