Chapter 18: Make it FUN!

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One more time!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Make reading fun! Kids learn best when something excites them. It holds their attention and gets their minds in gear. Not only is it the best way to engage your struggling reader, it’s just so easy to do. After all, reading really is fun. In fact, it’s a blast! How many other school subjects can you actually say that about?

Think about it. Finding ways to make algebra or the history of the Roman Empire interesting is quite a stretch. But, reading? It’s everywhere! And in the forms that most kids are eager to embrace. Text messages. Blogs. Celebrity news. Mysteries. Vampire novels. Even video games! They all involve reading.

Want some more ways to make reading fun? Read on!

  • Movie tie-ins – For every movie that was made from a book, there’s a book that was made from a movie. Kids love to keep up with what’s trending. Buy your child the books that the latest kids’ movies are based on or the books based on those movies. Depending on your child’s age, the selection includes Paddington Bear, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter and Ender’s Game.
  • Comic books – Comic books have been a kids’ reading staple for years. After all, they have bright colors and easy-to-follow story lines. There are even comic books out there that teach lessons about literature and history, all in a kid-friendly way. Keep in mind, however, that many comic books today are written for adult audiences and are not appropriate for children.
  • Hobbies – If your child has a passion, find books that support it. Whether it’s baseball cards, photography, cooking, fly fishing or skateboarding, if your child has an interest, you’ll be able to find books on the topic that he’ll be eager to read.
  • Fun series – The best thing about book series is the way they draw the reader from one book to the next. Get your child hooked on the first one, and he’ll eagerly await the next and the next! There are great book series out there for almost every age and reading level. Two really engaging kids’ series are The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and Goosebumps.
  • The Internet – Reading abounds on the Internet. And, like reading series, it can encourage a child to read more and more because new material is added all the time. Kids, however, should not be allowed to surf the web alone. You should limit your child’s browsing to a few safe, age-appropriate sites. Today’s Parent recommends Dogo News, a site with news stories just for kids, EcoKids, a site with an eye on the environment, and FunBrain, a website with games, stories and comics that help kids practice reading.


Dogo News: Fodder for Young Minds,