4th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

The 4th grade reading comprehension activities below are coordinated with the 4th grade spelling words curriculum on a week-to-week basis, so both can be used together as part of a comprehensive program, or each can be used separately. The worksheets include fourth grade appropriate reading passages and related questions. Each worksheet (as well as the spelling curriculum) also includes a cross-curricular focus on earth science, physical science, history, social sciences, mathematics and life sciences. This allows students to build their reading comprehension skills and reinforce knowledge in other subject areas. There are 36 weeks of fourth grade worksheets, following most standard school year calendars.

Anatomy of a Circle


Week 30 Reading Comprehension (D-30). A short explanation about the radius, diameter, and center of a circle. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Basic Geometry Terms


Week 25 Reading Comprehension (D-25). A short summry of the different terms used in geometry. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Branches of Government


Week 29 Reading Comprehension (D-29). A reading segment about the different branches of government. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Chaparral Ecosystems


Week 3 Reading Comprehension (D-3). A passage and questions about relatively rare shrubland communities called Chaparral ecosystems. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Charge it!


Week 20 Reading Comprehension (D-20). A short passage about electricity, conductors, and static electricity. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

Discrimination Against Gold Rush Immigrants


Week 15 Reading Comprehension (D-15). Comprehension activity about the discrimination against gold rush immigrants in the 1850?s. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Eastern Woodland Natives


Week 32 Reading Comprehension (D-32). Reading passage about the Eastern Woodlands, a Native American cultural region. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Ecology: Taking Care of Earth


Week 36 Reading Comprehension (D-36). A description about the study of ecology and what it involves. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.



Week 2 Reading Comprehension (D-2). Reading segment about ecosystems, organisms, and communities. Cross-Curricular Focus:Life Science.

Endangered Species


Week 11 Reading Comprehension (D-11). A life science reading comprehension passage about endangered species. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Eratosthenes: Geographer and Mathematician


Week 16 Reading Comprehension (D-16). A short story and related questions about the world’s first geographer. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences / Mathematics



Week 10 Reading Comprehension (D-10). A reading segment about using estimation in mathematics. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Evaluating Efficiency


Week 33 Reading Comprehension (D-33). A passage about determining the best way to solve problems. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Expressions with Parentheses


Week 13 Reading Comprehension (D-13). A reading segment about how parentheses are used in solving math problems. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.

Gold Rush Boomtowns


Week 19 Reading Comprehension (D-19). A passage about the origination of boomtowns during the gold rush in California. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Hide and Seek


Week 8 Reading Comprehension (D-8). A reading passage and questions about the role of camouflage in the predator-prey relationship. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.

Import Export


Week 21 Reading Comprehension (D-21). How early American colonies imported and exported products. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.

Magnetic Attraction


Week 23 Reading Comprehension (D-23). A reading comprehension passage about the properties of magnetism. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

Measuring Temperature


Week 35 Reading Comprehension (D-35). A segment about temperature and the different scales used for measurement. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

Natural Resources


Week 6 Reading Comprehension (D-6). Passage and questions about renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.