5th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

The 5th grade reading comprehension activities below are coordinated with the 5th grade spelling words curriculum on a week-to-week basis, so both can be used together as part of a comprehensive program, or each can be used separately. The worksheets include fifth grade appropriate reading passages and related questions. Each worksheet (as well as the spelling words) also includes a cross-curricular focus on earth science, physical science, history, social sciences, or life sciences. This allows students to build their reading comprehension skills and reinforce knowledge in other subject areas. There are 36 weeks of fifth grade worksheets, following most standard school year calendars.


From Nomad to Farmer

Week 1 Reading Comprehension (E-1). A n-fiction passage and comprehension questions about the earliest rth American mads Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.


What’s in Your Cells?

Week 2 Reading Comprehension (E-2). This passage describes how living things are made up of cells, and cells have specific structure Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Customs and Traditions

Week 3 Reading Comprehension (E-3). Reading passage and questions about the customs and traditions of native American Indian groups in rth America Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.


Tissues, Organs and Systems

Week 4 Reading Comprehension (E-4). Multi-cellular organisms have many cells that work together in specific ways, each group performing certain activities. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Active and Passive Transport

Week 5 Reading Comprehension (E-5). This reading segment describes how a membrane allows things to move in and out of the cell. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Bartering for Basics

Week 6 Reading Comprehension (E-6). A passage about early Native American Indian groups and how they bartered for goods. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.


Prime or Composite?

Week 7 Reading Comprehension (E-7). Reading passage and comprehension questions about prime and composite numbers. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.


Plants Are Producers

Week 8 Reading Comprehension (E-8). An outline and questions about how plants use light from the sun, water, and carbon dioxide to produce food. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Xylem and Phloem

Week 9 Reading Comprehension (E-9). A reading segment and questions about vascular tissue inside a plant’s organs. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Oxygen Exchange

Week 10 Reading Comprehension (E-10). A comprehension passage and questions about how respiratory systems work. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


It Circulates

Week 11 Reading Comprehension (E-11). Passage and questions about the circulatory system, a transport system of the human body. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Absolute Location

Week 12 Reading Comprehension (E-12). A segment about how latitude and longitude is used for navigation. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.


Colonization: for Gold, God, and Glory

Week 13 Reading Comprehension (E-13). A passage and questions about early exploration and colonization. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.


Down the Hatch

Week 14 Reading Comprehension (E-14). This reading segment outlines how the digestive system is made up of a group of organs that work together. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Fungi are Alive

Week 15 Reading Comprehension (E-15). A reading passage that explains fungi and how different types of fungi can be used. Cross-Curricular Focus: Science.


Exponential Notation

Week 16 Reading Comprehension (E-16). A passage about exponential tation, also kwn as scientific tation as a way to represent numbers. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.


Excretory System

Week 17 Reading Comprehension (E-17). How the excretory system regulates the amount of water that you have in your body and helps remove waste. Cross-Curricular Focus: Life Science.


Conflict Over North American Lands

Week 18 Reading Comprehension (E-18). A passage about the time between the early 15th century and the mid 17th century. Cross-Curricular Focus: History / Social Sciences.


Simplifying Fractions

Week 19 Reading Comprehension (E-19). A math reading passage about simplifying fractions. Cross-Curricular Focus: Mathematics.


Making Predictions

Week 20 Reading Comprehension (E-20). A language arts reading passage providing suggestions for making predictions. Cross-Curricular Focus: Language Arts.