Dolch Word List Worksheets and Activities

Girl holding sight words flash cardsThe Dolch word list includes the most common 220 words and 95 nouns encountered in children’s books. Dolch words, or sight words, are critical in early reading development because they represent high-frequency words and are difficult to sound out or to illustrate.

The Dolch word list resources below are organized a few different ways: Alphabetically by grade, by frequency by grade, and in some cases by frequency combined. This provides you with several different ways to conduct Dolch word list practice in your classroom or at home.

All Dolch word list activities are free to copy and distribute in your classroom or at home. Have fun!

1. Dolch Word Lists

Dolch Word ListsWeb PagePrintable PDF
Dolch list of 220 words and 95 nounsDolch list PDF - alphabetized by grade with nouns
Dolch list of 220 words, alphabetically, by gradeDolch list PDF - alphabetized by grade
Dolch list of 220 words, by frequency, by gradeDolch list PDF - by frequency by grade
Dolch list of 220 words, by frequency, combinedDolch list PDF - by frequency combined
Dolch NounsDolch list PDF - 95 nouns


2. Dolch word list – word search puzzles

Click on the link below to access twenty free Dolch word list word search puzzles and answer keys. Like all our worksheets, you’re free to print and distribute for home or classroom use.

Twenty Free Word Search Worksheets

3. Dolch word list – flash cards

Each set of flash cards are displayed 8 to a page and ready to print. Just click on the PDF icon to open the file.

Dolch Word List Flash CardsPrintable PDF
Dolch Pre-Primer Flash CardsDolch pre-primer flash cards
Dolch Primer Flash CardsDolch primer flash cards
Dolch First Grade Flash CardsDolch first grade flash cards
Dolch Second Grade Flash CardsDolch second grade flash cards
Dolch Third Grade Flash CardsDolch third grade flash cards
Dolch Noun Flash CardsDolch noun flash cards

4. Dolch word list – cloze passage worksheets

Cloze worksheets below are divided into grade levels with three worksheets per grade plus nouns. Just click on the PDF icon to open the file and print.

Dolch Cloze Passage WorksheetPrintable PDF
Pre-primer - Cloze Activity 1Pre-primer - Cloze Activity 1
Pre-primer - Cloze Activity 2Pre-primer - Cloze Activity 2
Pre-primer - Cloze Activity 3Pre-primer - Cloze Activity 3
Primer - Cloze Activity 1Primer - Cloze Activity 1
Primer - Cloze Activity 2Primer - Cloze Activity 2
Primer - Cloze Activity 3Primer - Cloze Activity 3
First - Cloze Activity 1First - Cloze Activity 1
First - Cloze Activity 2First - Cloze Activity 2
First - Cloze Activity 3First - Cloze Activity 3
Second - Cloze Activity 1Second - Cloze Activity 1
Second - Cloze Activity 2Second - Cloze Activity 2
Second - Cloze Activity 3Second - Cloze Activity 3
Third - Cloze Activity 1Third - Cloze Activity 1
Third - Cloze Activity 2Third - Cloze Activity 2
Third - Cloze Activity 3Third - Cloze Activity 3
Nouns - Cloze Activity 1Nouns - Cloze Activity 1
Nouns - Cloze Activity 2Nouns - Cloze Activity 2
Nouns - Cloze Activity 3Nouns - Cloze Activity 3

5. Dolch word list – word shape worksheets

Dolch Word shape worksheets provide practice in identifying the letters shapes in words. Just click on the PDF icon to open the file and print.

Dolch Word Shape WorksheetsPrintable PDF
Dolch pre-primer word shape worksheets (3 worksheets)Dolch Pre-Primer Word Shapes Worksheets
Dolch primer word shape worksheets (4 worksheets)Dolch Primer Word Shapes Worksheets
Dolch first word shape worksheets (3 worksheets)Dolch First Grade Word Shapes Worksheets
Dolch second word shape worksheets (3 worksheets)Dolch Second Grade Word Shapes Worksheets
Dolch third word shape worksheets (3 worksheets)Dolch Third Grade Word Shapes Worksheets
Dolch nouns word shape worksheets (6 worksheets)Dolch Nouns Word Shapes Worksheets