Content Area Reading

Content Area Reading And The Importance Of Skillful Reading Comprehension

What was the last thing you read before you began reading this article? Was it a chapter in a novel? A recipe? An analytical report? Your favorite blog? Though you probably didn’t realize it, you used a certain reading strategy to gather meaning based on the genre of the text. For instance, reading a novel employs a different skill set than what you may use to read a technical … [Read more...]

What is Content Area Reading?

Every time you read a text you read it the same way, right? Novels, textbooks, magazine articles and Internet web pages are all the same if they are written in the same language, aren’t they? The answer to both of the questions is “not really”. Readers employ different reading strategies and prior knowledge based on the genre (type of reading) and topic of the text. … [Read more...]

Helping Students Develop Strong Content Area Reading skills

Content area reading refers to the reading that someone needs to complete and understand in a particular subject area. The content areas typically included disciplines like science, social studies/history and math, but any area outside of English literature instruction constitutes a content area. … [Read more...]