Fifth Grade Spelling Words List – Week 7

About this Spelling Worksheet:

Work through week 7 of the 5th grade spelling program by completing the five activities on this week’s spelling words. Each of these printable activities will focus on helping students better understand sight words, “shun” words, and academic vocabulary. Some of the worksheets include Write it Two Times, Dictation Sentences, Circle the Correct Spelling, Write a Sentence Part 1 and Write a Sentence Part 2. This week’s list of spelling words is made up of: February, discard, valley, freight, canter, vocabulary, aware, trouble, situation, station, description, prescription, subscription, fashion, introduction, dedication, divisible, factor, composite, and greatest. The fifth grade printable spelling words list and activities are easy to download and print for use at home or in the classroom. Read through the spelling words for all 36 weeks of the fifth grade spelling program by clicking here for the master list.