Fifth Grade Spelling Words List – Week 28

About this Spelling Worksheet:

Week 28 of the fifth grade spelling program focuses on sight words, prefix sub-, and academic vocabulary. The spelling list for this week is made up of the following words: opposite, Mercury, media, terrier, plentiful, servant, apostrophe, comma, exclamation, trout, subdivision, subheading, submarine, submission, submerge, subscribe, subordinate, forecast, blizzard, and meteorology. Students will practice their reading and writing skills as they work through five different printable spelling worksheets that include the words of week 28. These activities are: Write it Two Times, Dictation Sentences, Circle the Correct Spelling, Write a Sentence Part 1 and Write a Sentence Part 2. To get started with week 28 of the spelling program, download and print the worksheet below. Find the full 36 week master spelling list here.