Fifth Grade Spelling Words List – Week 22

About this Spelling Worksheet:

Work on sight words, prefix ad-, and academic vocabulary with your students as they complete week 22 of the 36 week spelling program for fifth grade. The spelling list for week 22 is made up of the following words: Spain, visual, thunder, antelope, freeze, major, Virginia, trophy, necessary, solemn, adhesive, addict, adhere, adjacent, adjourn, admission, adjustment, advertisement, exploration, and conquest. Students will work on mastering these words with five of our printable spelling worksheets: Write it Two Times, Dictation Sentences, Circle the Correct Spelling, Write a Sentence Part 1 and Write a Sentence Part 2. To get started with week 23 of the spelling program, download and print the activities below. Find the full 36 week spelling master list by clicking here.