Fry Word List – 600 High Frequency Words

The Fry word list or “instant words” are widely accepted to contain the most used words in reading and writing. The list is divided into six levels, corresponding approximately to grade levels. The words are also then divided into groups of twenty-five words, based on frequency of use and difficulty.

It is important for young readers to instantly recognize these words by sight in order to build up their reading fluency. It is also important for readers to practice words in meaningful context through phrase and sentence reading practice. As a follow up activity, students can practice writing short sentences including Fry words.

As you individually meet with the student, you’ll quickly be able to identify words that they are having trouble with.  Also, as students write in their journals and read aloud, regular misspellings and misuse can provide you with a target list of words to teach first or spend more time on.

Fry Word List Worksheets

(PDF file format)