Language Arts Terms

Language arts is a very broad topic! Here we try to break the subject down into the different categories of terms you' encounter along the way. Language arts terms listed, along with definitions, usage rules and examples. Term categories include commonly confused words, grammar, and vocabulary with more being added all the time!

Commonly Confused Words

In written language, there are lots of words that can be easily confused. Some of the most common ones are words like “too” and “to” or “there”, “their”, and…

Grammar Terms

Grammar is an important component of language arts and includes many different aspects: parts of speech, mechanics, parts of sentences, punctuation and sentence structure. Here, you’ll find many of the…

Literary Devices

Literary Devices are important components of writing, and include both Literary Techniques and Literary Elements.

Vocabulary Terms

Word study includes a broad array of topics, including synonyms, antonyms, sight words, homophones, roots, and more. Here, we list many important vocabulary terms and include an easy-to-understand definition,…