Vowel Worksheets

Every English word must have a vowel sound. Understanding and recognizing the vowel sounds helps students with reading, spelling and vocabulary building. These free vowel worksheets may be viewed and downloaded as a PDF file by clicking on the worksheet name.

Christmas Vowel Match Game Worksheet


This fun Christmas match game will help your student learn the vowels and practice memory skills.

Color by Number: Vowel Sounds

Vowel Coloring Page - Printable Worksheet Practice Activity

This color by number worksheet uses a cute kitten to teach your student about long and short vowels.

Final E

Adding a Final E - Printable Vowel Practice Activity for Kids

Discovering the importance of “E”. Students learn how one letter can turn a vowel from a short sound to a long sound.

Long and Short Vowels

Printable Long and Short Vowel Worksheet Activity for Kids

Following common core standards for 1st and 2nd grades, your student can review long and short vowel sounds in this worksheet

Long Vowels

Long Vowel Worksheet Activity for Kids

In this worksheet, students write the long vowel in the word that matches the picture. Phonics and phonological awareness are reinforced.

Short Vowels

Short Vowel Worksheet Practice Activity for Kids

Students fill in the short vowels for the words that match the pictures, practicing phonological awareness.

Spring Vowel Flowers

Spring Season Reading Worksheet - Vowel Flowers

Students choose from the letters on a Spring flower and write words. A fun way to practice vocabulary and anticipate the warm days to come!

Syllables and Vowels


Finding syllables and identifying vowels will be fun with this worksheet.

Vowel Diagraphs

Vowel Diagraphs Worksheet Activity for Kids

Students practice phonics and spelling in this worksheet on vowel diagraphs, writing vowels pairs for common words, then identifying the diagraphs.

Vowel Sort: Single Vowels

Sort the Single Vowel - Printable Worksheet Practice Activity

In this worksheet, your student will sort pictures based on the vowel sound of the word.

Vowel Sort: Vowel Teams

Vowel Sort - Free, Printable Worksheet Lesson Activity

Here’s a great sorting game for vowel teams.

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With A

Letter A Beginning Vowel Worksheet

Here’s a sorting set for words that begin with A!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With E

Letter E Beginning Vowel Worksheet

Use this alphabet sorting set alone, with other vowel sets or with a consonant set!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With I

Letter I Beginning Vowel Worksheet

Your student will sort the words that start with I and the words that don’t in this alphabet game!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With O

Letter O Beginning Vowel Worksheet

Oh, you will love this alphabet game on the letter O!

Vowel Sort: Words That Start With U

Letter U Beginning Vowel Worksheet

This sorting game on the letter U will help your student learn her letters.