Verb Conjugation Worksheets

Verbs are complicated words; they are regular, such as “to walk,” and irregular, such as “to be.” They also have tenses, such as present and past, and change based on person, as in first or third person. They may be singular or plural, and even have moods! Our verb conjugation worksheets will help your student master some of the forms of these chameleon words. Click on the title to view the details or download them as a PDF for practice in the classroom or at home.

Verb Conjugation: Light

conjugating_verbs _light

In this activity, students practice conjugating the verb “light”.

Verb Conjugations: To Be

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Be

You’ll be thrilled with this “to be” conjugation worksheet!

Verb Conjugations: To Break

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Break

There’s nothing broken in this verb conjugation worksheet for “to break.”

Verb Conjugations: To Burn

conjugating_verbs _burn

A verb conjugation activity to learn how to use the word “burn” correctly. Students fill in the blanks for the different verb forms.

Verb Conjugations: To Buy

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Buy

The verb “to buy” is irregular, but this worksheet is not!

Verb Conjugations: To Carry

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Carry

Here’s a conjugation worksheet on the verb “to carry.”

Verb Conjugations: To Choose

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Choose

In this worksheet your student will choose the correct form of “to choose.”

Verb Conjugations: To Count

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Count

You can count on this verb conjugation worksheet!

Verb Conjugations: To Dig


Dig, Dug, Digging! Students conjugate the “to dig” in this exercise.

Verb Conjugations: To Dive

Verb Conjugation Worksheets - To Dive

It’s time to dive into verb conjugations!

Verb Conjugations: To Do

Verb Conjugation Worksheets - To Do

This conjugation worksheet should be on your to-do list!

Verb Conjugations: To Dream

conjugating_verbs _dream

This worksheet asks students to conjugate the word “dream”.

Verb Conjugations: To Drink

conjugating_verbs _drink

Drink, drank or drunk? In this worksheet, students learn how to correctly conjugate the word “drink”.

Verb Conjugations: To Eat

Verb Conjugation Worksheets - To Eat

This worksheet is a feast of verb tenses!

Verb Conjugations: To Find

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Find

Here you have found a worksheet on the conjugation of the verb “to find.”

Verb Conjugations: To Fly


This is a tricky one. The word “fly” is simple, but conjugating the verb can be difficult for students. Use this worksheet to help teach proper usage.

Verb Conjugations: To Freeze


Which form of the verb is appropriate? In this worksheet students learn the proper usage of the verb “freeze”.

Verb Conjugations: To Go

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Go

Go, going, gone; there’s lots of action in this worksheet on conjugating verbs!

Verb Conjugations: To Have

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Have

It’s essential to have this worksheet on conjugating the verb “to have.”

Verb Conjugations: To Hear

Verb Conjugation Worksheet - To Hear

You’ll be saying “Hear! Hear!” with this verb conjugation worksheet.