Pronoun Worksheets

Pronouns, such as he, she or it, enrich the reading and writing experience by eliminating redundancy. The pronoun worksheets below are free for you to use in the classroom or at home. Click on the title to view the individual worksheet or to download the PDF for printing. Need a pronoun refresher? Here's a helpful article on pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns


Circle the demonstrative pronoun in each sentence.

Indefinite Pronouns


Add an indefinite pronoun to complete each sentence.

Interrogative Pronouns


Add an interrogative pronoun to complete each question sentence.

Object Pronouns


Complete each sentence with the appropriate pronoun.

Object Pronouns 2


There are several kinds of pronouns in the sentences below. Circle only the object pronouns.

Personal Pronouns


Circle the pronoun. Write S if the pronoun is a subject pronoun, or O if the pronoun is an object pronoun.

Pick the Pronoun


Write the correct pronoun form on the line to complete the sentence.

Possessive Pronouns


Choose the possessive pronouns that best complete each sentence.

Subject Pronouns


Complete each sentence with the appropriate pronoun.

Subject Pronouns 2


There are several kinds of pronouns in the sentences below. Circle only the subject pronouns.

Why Do We Need Pronouns

Printable Pronoun Activity - Why Do We Need Pronouns?

Choose the appropriate pronouns from the Word Bank to fill in the blanks.

Pronoun Match Game Activity

Pronoun Agreement | Pronoun Match Game

This is a fun match game on pronoun – antecedent agreement!

Reflexive Pronouns

Free, Printable Reflexive Pronoun Activity!

Circle the reflexive pronoun in each sentence. Draw a line back to the subject it is reflecting.

Simplify With Pronouns


Use pronouns to rewrite the sentences.

Simplify With Pronouns 2


Use pronouns to rewrite the nursery rhymes.

Relative Pronouns


Underline the relative clause in each sentence. Circle the relative pronoun that introduces the clause.

Pronouns as Indirect Objects

Indirect Objects Worksheet - Pronouns

Here’s some direct object and pronoun practice.