Writing Prompts


Informative / Expository Writing Prompts

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Expository writing, sometimes called informative writing, seeks to relay information to the reader. It is one of the main modes of writing and includes such formats as reports, instructions, term papers and even business letters. Since this is the type of writing that most students will use in their adult lives, it is important that they learn to convey information clearly and concisely. To use the expository worksheets below, click on the title. You may then view the details and download it for free for home use or the classroom.


Narrative / Creative Writing Prompts

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Narrative writing, sometimes called creative, is the telling of an event or a story. Some of the most common forms of narrative writing include short stories, novels and autobiographies. By learning narrative writing, a student learns to organize the elements of the story in a precise order, usually, but not always, chronologically. These narrative worksheets below are free for you to use at home or in class. To download the PDF for printing or to view the details, click on the worksheet title.


Opinion / Persuasive Writing Prompts

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One of the most common writing modes is called persuasive or opinion writing. Here the author tries to convince the reader to adopt the author’s point of view through the use of reasoning and well-organized data. Common forms of this type of writing include editorials, essays, reviews and even letters of recommendation. Expertise in this form of writing requires students to research, organize and develop clear arguments. Below are free persuasive writing worksheets that you may download and print for home or classroom use. Click on the title to view the details.