Reading Worksheets By Main Subject

K12reader offers printable worksheet activities for all major elements of language arts, with more added all the time. You’ll find something from kindergarten through 12th grade including spelling, reading skills, grammar, vocabulary, and composition. K12reader worksheets are aligned to the common core BUT are heavily used in remediation and homeschool environments as well so alignment is purely a guide.

Spelling Worksheets Grade Spelling List Week 1Spelling worksheets include 5 complete spelling programs for grades 1 – 5. Each list includes 36 weeks, with master spelling lists and individual sheets for each week. Words selection is based on sight words, and root / vowel / letter combinations and academic vocabulary.

Reading Skills Worksheets Idea Activity - Planets in the Solar SystemReading Skills worksheet activities cover important skill areas including reading comprehension, context clues, drawing conclusions, facts and opinions, figurative language, main ideas, and making inferences.

Grammar Worksheets Story Adverb Clauses WorksheetGrammar worksheets include activities to reinforce skills around parts of speech, mechanics, parts of sentences, word usage, punctuation and sentence structure. You’ll find worksheets from nouns to verbs to commonly confused words, subjects,predicates and more!

Vocabulary Worksheets WorksheetsVocabulary worksheets include activities on Dolch sight words, Fry words, phonetics, homographs, homophones, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms and more. Activities are designed for all grades, from kindergarten through high school.

Composition Worksheets Interesting Animal Writing Prompt WorksheetComposition worksheets cover writing prompts, lined paper, handwriting worksheets, and will include more in the coming months like activities about writing paragraphs, outlines, essays and more.