2nd and 3rd Grade Worksheets

The 2nd and 3rd grade band materials support students at both the second and third grade levels in mastering reading, writing, and spelling skills. Locating materials by grade band can help you with students who are progressing more quickly than their grade level with their skills mastery, but it can also help with students who are still working on the core skills from a previous grade, as well as a mixed classroom of multiple learners. Below are free, printable worksheets, which are ready to be used or duplicated for home or classroom.

20 Nonfiction Text Features Posters

20 Free Printable Nonfiction Text Features Posters

Free, Printable nonfiction text features posters to use on your class bulletin board or as a handout or as a PowerPoint presentation. Includes 20 posters of the different text feature elements.

Acrostic Poetry Worksheet Activity: Write It!

Poetry Worksheet Activity - Write an Acrostic Poem

Here’s a great prompt for writing acrostic poetry.

Action Verbs and Linking Verbs


Circle the subject and underline the verb in each sentence.

Aesop: Put the Events in Order

Aesop Reading Comprehension Activity - Put the Events in Order

Aesop was a Greek writer who wrote stories called fables. A fable is a story that gives a lesson at the end. Students read through a fable and put the events in order.

An Interesting Animal – Writing Prompt

An Interesting Animal Writing Prompt Worksheet

Your student will practice informative writing with this worksheet.

Back to School: My Classroom

Free, Printable Back to School Classroom Activity

With “Back to School: My Classroom”, students will observe their classmates and the atmosphere to learn more about the makeup of their new classroom.

Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity

Printable Christmas Worksheet - Write an Acrostic Poem!

See what your students come up with when you hand out this worksheet and have them write an acrostic poem about Christmas.

Classic Literature: The Rootabaga Stories

The Rootabaga Stories Classic Literature Worksheets

This classic literature set focuses on The Rootabaga Stories which was written by Carl Sandburg in 1922. The set includes several different worksheets that help students practice reading comprehension skills, vocabulary and more.

Color by Number: Vowel Sounds

Vowel Coloring Page - Printable Worksheet Practice Activity

This color by number worksheet uses a cute kitten to teach your student about long and short vowels.

Comic Strip Templates – 5 Designs

Comic Strip Template for Kids

Students love it when they get to try new things. Here is a free comic book template you can print out for your students. Give them a chance to write in a way out of the ordinary!

Complete Sentences: Missing Subjects


Your youngster will go in search of the missing subject in this complete sentence worksheet.

Complete Sentences: Missing Verbs


Your student will add verbs to the subjects to make a complete sentence.