Worksheets for 2nd Grade Common Core Standard: L.2.1

Language: Conventions of Standard English: L.2.1.: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. This standard suggests students understand collective nouns, frequently used irregular plural nouns, reflexive pronouns, frequently used verbs and other conventions. Refer to this official Common Core Standard page for more information.


Adjective Antonyms

If you aren’t tall, then what are you? Your youngster will practice finding the antonym of adjectives in this worksheet.


Adjective or Adverb

While many adverbs end in -ly, some adjectives do also! Students pracitce distinguishing between the adjectives and the adverbs in this worksheet.


Adjective Synonyms

In this worksheet, your student will find a related adjective for the adjective in a sentence.


Adjectives Add Interest

Writing would be bland if there were no adjectives! Your youngster will discover the fun of writing with adjectives in this worksheet.


Describe it with Adjectives

What’s the scary fish with a sharp teeth and a large fin? Your student will practice describing a picture using adjectives.


Describe it with Adjectives 2

In this worksheet, your student will write a description of a picture. Another student reads and guesses what the picture looks like. It’s great adjective practice!


Describe it with Adjectives 3

Adjectives are all important in this descriptive writing worksheet. Your student will describe a picture for another student to guess. Helpful for 2nd grade practice of Core Standards for Conventions of Standard English, the worksheet may also be useful to other students.